Why Pre-Plan with Oakland Cemetery & Mausoleum

Suggestions for Pre-Planning

Pre-planning is a decision that only you can make, however it is a decision that will affect those who you love the most. It's important to remember that services are designed to be a part of the grieving process and an important aspect of closure.

  • Discuss your decisions with your family members and loved ones.
  • When considering your final wishes, be careful to also consider the thoughts of your loved ones.
  • Take time to reflect on the type of services you require such as a graveside service, memorial service, a reception, and a service in a church or local religious facility.
Father hugging adult daughter
  • Take time to consider the detailed aspects such as cemetery plot location (cremation or burial), flowers, pictures, videos, music, and special instruments.
  • Consider input from your spouse, partner, and your loved ones when choosing services and the details of each service.


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